Practice Philosophy

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of orthodontic care for you. In order to attain this goal, Dr. Lawrence insists on working on each individual patient himself. Dr. Lawrence is very strongly against the removal of any permanent teeth unless absolutely necessary. The decision to extract teeth is never made before in-depth analysis of the orthodontic records.

It is very important to have an open relationship between the patient, parent, doctor and staff. We take great pride in our support team. Each staff member is highly trained and we are proud of them. We want you to have the same confidence in them that we do so that they may serve you fully; communication is a prime priority. We believe that service to our patients is at its best when there is complete, mutual understanding and cooperation.

We provide the best quality orthodontic and TMJ treatment and follow-up care for every patient. We create an atmosphere in efficiency and sensitivity that provides a comfortable and fun experience for each patient.

We hire the most qualified people in our specialty practice. They possess qualities that make them winners. They are positive in their approach to the contribution they make in our practice.

Dr. Lawrence treats every patient as if they were his own family. Dr. Lawrence takes personal pride in the successful outcome of each treatment. He also believes that treatment can be fun, not stuffy as we go through a small “life journey” to a healthier, brighter smile.

You have a choice in Orthodontists, and we want to be that choice. We want you comfortable with our office and we want to be as convenient as possible.

Our Patient Relations Coordinator is there to help you schedule your appointments at the best possible times for your busy schedule. We have put forth great effort in developing a scheduling system, which will best suit your needs, and the needs of all our patients. Due to the nature of orthodontics, there are many different appointments. Each appointment ranges from 30 minutes to several hours long. We have set up our appointment times so that you can come for the many short appointments before or after work or school. For this system to work though you must come in during the late morning or early afternoon for your comparatively few long appointments. Appointments are made to avoid conflict with the patient’s/parent’s daily schedule.